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Cortland Breakfast Rotary Club Service
Banner Project

Club Banner.jpg
  • Objective

    • Build a PowerPoint Slideshow to loop images of all the banners we have collected over the years (we have lots)​

  • Requirements to help

    • Each helper needs a Scanner​

      • We will be scanning all the banners individually​ into JPG images

    • A tool to crop the image​ (Most photo apps work fine)

    • This can be done at your own pace, there is no deadline

  • The Process

    • Collect the banners from the cabinet (in storage and will require Don's assistance)

    • Scan each banner individually then crop them fairly tight​

    • Save the image named as the club it came from

    • Move a copy to the Club's Google Drive (you will get simple directions for this)

    • BONUS -

      • If someone knows PowerPoint he/she can take the next step and produce the PPT (no worries if you don't, we have that technology)​

  • Helpers

    • One person could do this but if several wanted to join and split up the list it would go much quicker ​

  • How to volunteer​

    • Email Steve between now and January 31​

    • We will have a quick Zoom training the first week in February at everyone's convenience

Testing out of curiosity to see who reads this stuff, Steve will buy you a raffle ticket at the next meeting if you simply mention you saw it here.

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