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What to expect the day of your program:

Meetings end promptly at 8am. Please let your sponsor or the president know how long you wish to speak so he/she can introduce you with plenty of time left for your program.

If you have a digital media presentation we have a large screen and can deliver it in one of these five ways:

#1 (and by far the easiest) Bring your media presentation on your own Laptop and we connect you by Wi-Fi/Zoom to our BIG SCREEN and PA speakers

2) Email the presentation to a few days ahead of your date.

3) Bring it on a USB Thumb Drive in a format compatible with Microsoft programs or Windows Media Player.

4) If your program is on the cloud you can log in with the club's Laptop the day of the program.

5) If you are remote, Zooming in we can make you a co-host and you can share your screen.

If you are unsure of the compatibility please reach out to a few days prior to your speaking date and we will find a solution.

We serve breakfast sandwiches, fruit, fruit juices and coffee. There is no cost to you.


Meetings begin at 7AM. Many people show up to socialize 10 or 15 minutes early and you are welcome to as well.


We start with club business and somewhere near 7:20 you will be introduced. (earlier or later depending on how much time you need)


You do not need to use the entire time allotted but be aware that meetings end promptly at 8AM. You might want to leave time for questions. Some programs use the entire time, some might only run 20 minutes. You are free to use the time as you wish.

If you do not already have a club member contact, here is how to arrange a date with us:


Our meetings are at the Homer Center for the Arts every Wednesday at 7AM. You can join us in person or on Zoom by clicking any Zoom icon on the Home Page.​


Check out our calendar and pick any Wednesday 7AM event that is labeled "CBRC Breakfast Meeting"

Email with your date preference which will be confirmed.

Deliver a Rotary Program!

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