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September 25 @ 8:30am


We’ve got an ambitious stretch this year, so get out your hip-waders!


We'll have two teams this year. One will start at DeWitt’s Produce Stand, in Riverside Plaza, and we will work our way downstream.

Our second team will begin at Seven Valley Tech Academy and work their way up stream towards Elm Street and/or Yaman Park.


There are some rather inaccessible parts in between, so if anyone wants to try out a kayak or canoe, DeWitt’s is a good place to put in. I have three kayaks available for those that would like to give it a try and float down to the Academy, or beyond.


Please let Jeremy know if you’re available. We’re hoping to get at least 15 Rotarians, along with a crew of Interact students. Anyone with a truck to help transport our treasures to the Soil & Water Conservation dumpsters would be appreciated.

2021 River Clean up

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